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Tori Queeno is a 28-year-old nonbinary writer, costumer, foley artist, and speaker from Boston, Massachusetts. They have a BA in English from Bridgewater State University and are currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Pine Manor College’s Solstice MFA Program. Their essay and memoir work focuses primarily on themes of queerness, family, fandom culture, death, grief, and the many strange and wonderful ways these disparate things interconnect.

Tori is the president and founder of The Boston Whovians, the area’s largest Doctor Who fanclub, and runs geeky meetups and events around New England on a regular basis. They have presented panels on a wide range of topics at numerous conventions in the region including ConnectiCon, Arisia, and Granite State Comic Con. In addition to leading events at cons Tori is also an avid cosplayer with an ever-expanding roster of costumes from many different fandoms.

When they aren’t busy at their day job or pursuing their goal of professional geekiness Tori spends their time writing, knitting, cross stitching, sewing, reading, playing or DMing tabletop roleplaying games, performing as a foley artist or voice actor with The Post Meridian Radio Players, and listening to podcasts while hanging out with their hedgehog, Sylvia Plath, and their Salem-born black cat, Persephone.

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